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We can "boost" your credit score to new heights

Get your credit cleared and back on track

We have served hundreds of people struggling with a bad credit score. Let us do the hard work!

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Our Services:

Credit Repair

Collection Accounts

House and Student Loans

Fraud Accounts

Let us handle your credit needs. We will work hard to reach your goals.

What is your credit score costing you? An average credit score could cost you thousands of dollars in interest on the lifetime of a loan.

Credit Repair

We make it fast and affordable to fix your credit in simple steps. We will reach your credit score goals guaranteed!


Do you need a loan to purchase a home or go to school? We will help you get approved fast.

Fraud accounts

Have you suffered from fraud? We will help to keep your accounts secure and recover from identity theft.

Collection Accounts

Do you have debt and cannot seem to find a way out? We will re negotiate your loans and get your life back on track

Our company

With over 10 years of experience, Arreaga Solutions is here to help you with all your credit problems. From incresing your credit score to getting you a student/home loan. We make it fast, affordable and easy. We provide services in the state of Arizona, contact us today!

We've helped hundreds of people reach their goals with Loans, Collection Accounts and Credit Repair.

Happy Customers

Collections removed

FICO score points increased

What is your credit score costing you?

Loan Type Average Loan Amount Very Good Credit Score Fair Credit Score Total Interest Cost Difference
Student Loan $35,208 $3,933 $8,640 $4,707
Mortgage Loan $253,435 $219,660 $261,076 $41,416
Credit Cards $3,668 $3,102 $6,097 $2,995
Personal Loans $11,342 $2,889 $6,325 $3,436
Auto Loans $25,346 $3,625 $7,471 $3,847
Disclaimer: Analysis based on Q3 2019 anonymized Lending Tree data, My LendingTree and CompareCards consumer loan and debt data.

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